Baton Rouge, LA

Happy Tails of Adopted Bunnies

Want to see a list of ALL the adopted pets that have come through Magic Happens?
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Nicholas & Roxy found each other here at Magic Happens, and found love again in their new home!

FooFoo likes all her new pals, but demands to be petted by the Milo the kitty!

Malcolm enjoys his new digs, and is so spoiled by his mom!

The Freyou family has adopted lots of bunnies from MHRR. On the left is Sugar, Mouse, Snowball (2), and Miami, and on the right is Lucy (now Lily), Petunia, Lil Man, Smokey, Dixie, and Kiwi. All get to enjoy lots of free time in their playpens thanks to some great bonding sessions!

Kali (formerly Usagi) loves her new man Roger, and Paco loves to hang out his dad.

Maple loves his new chair that his mom snagged at Marshall's.

Maple & Sally take a break on the bench in their garden.

Erika won 1st and 2nd place at her first 4-H show!

Fig visits Santa Paws.

Sasha enjoys being a beach bun during her family's summer vacation.

Sasha lives quite the life - when not vacationing on the beach, she's winning ribbons at 4-H shows!

Mopsy is so spoiled, he even has his own wardrobe!

Bentley (2) enjoys the comforts of his new cozy home!

Dear MHRR,
I adopted Bently (now Tujaque) back in August and just wanted to send you a few pictures and let you know that he is doing great with us! He has such a great personality and is just oh so adorable! Hope all is well.
Jackye Crane

Dear MHRR,
Just wanted to say thanks for all your help to make the guinea pig adoption go so smoothly. When we handed the box to our daughter she said very seriously "I can't believe this is real. It's like a dream come true." We all smiled at that.
Paprika & Sage [formerly Venus] are doing very well. They ate out of our hands right away and weren't phased for very long over all the attention. They love their large home and run around like crazy. Paprika has ventured up to the second level. We are working on getting them used to being held. It doesn't seem like it will take long though; they are adjusting quite well.
Warmest regards,
Anna & family
Bay St. Louis, MS

Dear MHRR,
It's hard to believe that this wonderful rabbit [Marquis] has been here only two weeks. She has really settled in. As I send you this message, she is gleefully binkying up and down "her" hallway. My goodness, is she ever sweet and friendly! My husband, who was kind of lukewarm about my first two, is just crazy about this one. I feel really sorry for all the poor people in Baton Rouge who didn't pick her--they really missed out. Thanks once again for helping her come to be our very own. And don't you just have the bunnies flying in and out of your rescue? Congratulations! Forever grateful,
Russellville, AR


Dear MHRR,
Itís hard to believe that its been a year since I sent my first hopeful email to you about Marquis. I just want to let you know how much we love her; she is a total queen bee! My husband calls her the mayor of bunny town. She is funny, friendly, and sweet, a binkying champion. We continue to be very interested in your work, and thank you for our wonderful girl. I hope you make a pile of money at your garage sale.
Russellville, AR

Dear MHRR,
Just to give you an update on our others - Lucy had a name change and is now Lily and she and Petunia are now affectionately known as "the Flowers." They have been inseparable since the first day and often snuggle together and groom each other. Petunia is definitely our little spunky one! Even Jason is smitten with her. If you go anywhere near her cage, she insists on getting some love and attention! We never knew such a little bun could have such a huge personality. Lily is just a sweet as can be. She gets nervous if you hold her much, but if you sit anywhere near her, she will come plop down next to you and will enjoy being petted for as long as you're willing! Smokey and Kiwi are doing great and settling in very well in their new home here. We'll try to send you some pictures soon!
Breaux Bridge, LA

Dear MHRR,
Just a quick update on Frosty. She and Gabriele are getting along wonderful, after a little 'getting to know you' time. She is still SO SWEET! We will send some pictures soon.

Dear MHRR,
Muffin [#2] is terrific. She is not nervous, comes to us when we call her, very relaxed in her new surroundings and I remembered that she likes bananas and raisins, so that is her treat. We have not opened up the yard to go under the house yet, she is staying just in our courtyard. She even went into her little house we had built for the previous bunnies. We love her! You are terrific for doing what you do for bunnies. Thank you!
New Orleans, LA

Dear MHRR,
I just wanted to give you an update on Bavinck (formerly Mopsy). He is the best pet we have ever had! He is litter boxed trained!! He is so good about going in his litter box, that he runs to his cage to use it. We no longer need to have one in the living room for him. We have learned he really likes kids and loves when company comes over. When it is just me and my husband, he chills out in a corner, but when company comes over he is the life of the party. He makes sure he greets everyone and then sprawls out in the middle of the room. I will e-mail you a few pictures of him. There is a picture of him in his cage, we have since bought him a new larger cage for our spoiled bunny :) Hope all is well with you and your funny bunnies.

Please send us your photos and hoppy tails!