Baton Rouge, LA

Adoption Days

Join us at our adoption events! We are often at the Petsmart on Millerville Rd. in Baton Rouge, LA every other weekend (times & dates posted on our homepage, right hand side). We also attend other annual adoption events throughout the year, including Pet Fest in Metairie, LA, LollaPETooza in Gulfport, MS, and at other events hosted by other rescue organizations.

See our Adoption Information page for more information on general adoption procedures and expectations, as well as the link to our adoption applications and adoptable pets.

We often bring the rabbits and small pets who do best at adoption days, and try to have a little variety if possible (some small, some larger, plus a pair or two). Depending on time & space we usually bring 3-7 at a time. If you have a specific MHRR adoptable that you would like to see at an upcoming adoption event, please let us know in advance! Many are fostered in Baton Rouge, LA, but about 1/3 of our crew are fostered anywhere from Biloxi, MS to Bossier City, LA, and transportation must be arranged beforehand to make sure they're there.

At adoption day you will be encouraged to visit with your hopeful new pet to make sure he or she is the one that you think will best fit your routine or family environement. An exercise pen is often available for this, as well as chairs if you'd like to sit and hold one in your lap. However, it is still a new environment with a lot more people and dogs (which many rabbits and small pets are not accustomed to) and they may not be quite themselves, but many do just fine.

We also do adoptions at Care Days (which are held at our Director's home). This time may be better for you if you are looking to spend more time with a lot of adoptables to find the right match, or are bringing your own pet for some speed dating and want him or her to meet a variety of suitors.

Shoot us an e-mail or give us a call if you'd like to request a specific adoptable at our next event, or if you have any questions!
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