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We are always looking for new volunteers for a variety of opportunities. Whether its fostering, transporting rabbits, or helping at Care Day, there are MANY ways to utilize your talents (and even those you are waiting to develop!) here at Magic Happens. Are you great at making phone calls or networking? Try calling local business to see if they have items to donate. Totally shy? Click & print the brochure from the site and post them around town, or stay at home and play with a bun by fostering. Whether you have a lot of time or hardly any, we can use your help!

Most events are listed on the main page of our website, and volunteer requests for boarding, transport or events are done through our Facebook group for volunteers (not the main "business page").

Messy, but cute!

Care Days

Every other Sunday (dates posted on the main page) we have a Care Day where we clean and sanitize all the cages, litterboxes, and food bowls, do nails trims, grooming, and socializing for the bunnies in the Bungalow, and put everything back and give everybun fresh food, hay, treats, and toys. Anyone is welcome to come help clean and socialize the buns!

We have a variety of adoption day themes including football in the fall

Adoption Day

MHRR holds Adoption Days every other weekend (location, times & dates available on main page). We try to have 2-5 volunteers to not only meet adopting families, but let children pet the rabbits and talk to people about bunny care. Many times we get to meet former adopters! It's great to strike up a conversation with people who have never really met a bunny up close. And of course between visitors we play with the bunnies!

MHRR participates in events around Louisiana, with Pet Fest being one of the largest

Work special events

Magic Happens does a variety events, from classroom presentations to huge events like the LSU Vet School Open House or Pet Fest in Metairie. At these events we sometimes need a LOT of people! We need "bunny-guards" that can also show others how to properly pet or hold the rabbits, as well as some who can answer questions about our rescue to visitors. Even if you haven't been with us long, there's no better way to learn than to come out and shadow someone. Sometimes we need to fill other duties, such as yard work or laundry.

Simon doesn't want attention, he demands it!


Whether temporary or until a rabbit gets a home, fostering helps in MANY ways. It helps socialize a rabbit and help them become friendlier (especially nervous bunnies who need an experienced rabbit person), as well as learn their likes & dislikes for their new family. It helps ease the workload at the main foster house, and the bunny can enjoy more one-on-one time and exercise! Not to mention fostered bunnies get adopted more quickly for other reasons - foster families sometimes end up adopting or have friends & family who fall in love while visiting, and they get more publicity on social media too. Visit our Foster page for more info on fostering.

Monty arrives at MHRR


MHRR errands can include picking up rabbits from animal control facilities, meeting a family who is surrendering, fostering, or adopting a bunny, or going to pick up donated cages or supplies.

Lil Mister passes out a card

Spread the Word

Our brochure is easily printed, and we need people who can print and post it at vet clinics and stores and other places where people can see that there is a need for bunny adoptions. You can also post it at your work or office, church, school, or scout meetings. No need to contact us, just print & post as you're able. You don't even have to be a volunteer!

Simon works his bunny-charm

Scout for donations

We're always on the lookout to network with local businesses to see about donations for the rabbits. We always need paper towels, vinegar, and Dawn dishsoap. Other places to try could be fruit stands or grocery stores for fruits & veggies (maybe crushed, not rotten!) or hardware stores for PVC or cardboard rolls big enough for buns to hop through. We keep an ongoing Amazon wishlist.

Snow White looks cute for the camera

Start your own fundraiser

If you've got a talent or craft that you enjoy as a hobby, put it to good use! We've come up with many fundraisers from collecting ink cartridges to a cafepress store. Other volunteers have done created fundraisers from their local Etsy shops or services that they do. The amount you donate is up to you!

Remember - there are no specific or expected requirements or time commitment to become a volunteer, just a love for rabbits and their best interest in mind. To help at an event, individuals under 16 years old must have a parent or legal guardian accompany them. If you would like to join us as a MHRR volunteer, fill out our Volunteer Application (you can download it & bring it with you or fill it out online. You'll also need to download or fill out in person the Volunteer Waiver. Got questions? Give us a call!

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