Magic Happens Rabbit Rescue - Boarding & Bun-sitting

Baton Rouge, LA

Bunny Boarding & Bun-Sitting

Magic Happens is here for you when you go on vacation, have home repairs or visitors.
We can go to you or your bun-bun can come to us.

What are the benefits of boarding or bun-sitting with us?

Your rabbit is tended to by the same person/family, so not only does that person get to know your bunny's personality, but that person also will be quick to notice a difference (and spot any potential illness) in food/water consumption or with litterbox habits, usually more quickly than a boarding place where a different staff member may change the litterbox and food each shift.

Your rabbit will be allowed to have supervised exercise time instead of having to stay in its cage or a kennel during its stay.

Veterinary clinics are often noisy and don't have an area specifically for bunnies, and the combination of a lot of commotion as well as a new place and new smells can place stress on even the mellowest of rabbits. Some volunteers' homes do have other pets, but all are accustomed to rabbits and interact appropriately if they encounter one another. If your rabbit is very scared of a certain type of pet, just let us know in advance and we'll look for the appropriate home for you.

All of our volunteers who do boarding or bun-sitting have previous experience working with us or have a rabbit of their own, so you can feel safe knowing that your bunny is in the hands of an experienced bunny caretaker.

Bonus perk: your boarding or bun-sitting rates are donations to our rescue, so it greatly helps the adoptable rabbits and our rescue mission!

These services are available in Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas. We also have contacts in other areas of the state as well as southern Mississippi.


If your bunny needs to come stay a while, just let us know! He or she will stay with a MHRR volunteer, and will be housed INDOORS regardless of where he or she stays. In case of any medical needs, we will bring anybun to Azalea Lakes Vet Clinic or your own vet (if local) for treatment.

We can provide a cage and food/hay for your bun, but your bun might be happiest in its own cage with familiar food. Please let us know in advance if we will need to provide a cage/playpen, food, litter, or supplies so that we can prepare the volunteer for your bun's arrival.

Boarding rates are:
$7 per night for a single bunny, OR $10 if we provide food & litter
$10 per night for a pair of bunnies, OR $15 if we provide food & litter
Payment may be pre-paid or is due at time of pickup. Cash or check can be left with the volunteer, or PayPal can be used prior to drop-off. Tipping for the volunteer who cared for your rabbit(s) is allowed.


Does your bunny get nervous in new surroundings? Does he or she sometimes refuse to eat or drink if things just aren't quite the same? If so, bun-sitting may be your best choice, especially if you have multiple rabbits or small pets.

Bun-Sitting is $7 per day, or $10 for 2 trips per day, regardless of the number of rabbits you have. Just let us know where you're located and we'll find the volunteer closest to you and put you in touch.
Payment can be prepaid, or is due when getting your key back. Cash or check can be given to the volunteer, or PayPal can be used prior to bun-sitting. Tipping for the volunteer who cared for your rabbit(s) is allowed.

Ready to head out? Please download and fill out our Boarding/Bun-Sitting Agreement and we'll make sure those dates are available and set you up with a volunteer!

Have a FUN and SAFE vacation!