Baton Rouge, LA

The Bun-galow

The "Bun-galow" is an air-conditioned building that houses around 15 of our adoptables. It is located at one of our foster homes, and is the location of our Care Days. Each condo is a minimum of 2'x4' with plenty room for buns to stand upright. Larger condos are perfect for pairs, small groups, or moms and litters to stay together until weaning.

The exterior of the condos are painted with chalkboard paint, with names, descriptions, feeding instructions, and even litterbox preference is posted below each condo.

LED lights above the condos illuminate the area for cleaning or better visualization when needed.

The lights can even change color for the holidays! Though it's usually only for a photo, then right back to white.

Cabinets and drawers include medications, grooming tools, cleaning supplies, paperwork, and adoption gear. We also have breed posters, thank-you notes, and quotes for décor.

The mini fridge keeps the buns stocked with fresh veggies and fruit, as well as bottles of water for the hard-working volunteers.