Baton Rouge, LA

Is A Rabbit the Right Pet For Me?

I know that rabbits can live up to 12 years or more and am ready to care for it for its lifetime.
I will dedicate the time to give fresh food and water daily, clean the habitat weekly at minimum, and give it playtime outside of its cage multiple times each week.
I have the space to put a cage or habitat large enough to comfortably house a rabbit, and a safe area where it can run and play in addition to its habitat.
I have the finances to purchase its necessities, such as its food, litter, and veterinary costs.
I respect that it is not the rabbit's nature to be held or tolerate being picked up and off the ground. Rabbits can become accustomed to these things for brief periods, but I am okay if it never accepts these activities that are outside its nature.
I have the patience to live with an animal that likes to chew and dig, and may or may not litter train or ever become fully "housebroken."
If this rabbit is for my children, I am aware that my children may lose interest in taking responsibility of the rabbit and that, as the parent, I am ultimately responsible for the rabbit should my children not take proper care of the pet.

If you've answered yes to all of the above, then you are ready for the next step! Rabbit care, like any animal, is more than just changing food and water. Rabbits are unique in both features and personality and even in body language and how they communicate (did you know that offering your hand low under their nose is a very dominant move, whereas it's a submissive move to a dog?). Reading up on rabbit care will be very rewarding for both you and your rabbit - both of you will be much happier and far less frustrated! Head over to our Rabbit Care page for lots more information.

Still not sure? Come to a Care Day and get the pros & cons of various grooming and handling methods, habitat types and setups, and meet all sorts of bunnies - outgoing, nervous, friendly or finicky! You may also consider the Foster-to-Adopt option.