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Cages for sale

We have used many different style cages & habitats in the past five years, and have certainly discovered our favorites. It's often difficult to find a large enough cage in the pet stores, and many families are not able to build their own. Our rabbit care page has links on the benefits and disadvantages for each type of housing (from dog kennels to exercise pens). Many adopters still prefer traditional-style cages, but have a hard time finding one in a decent size. MHRR has come up with a solution - we purchase these extra-large cages (the largest we have ever found in this style) and keep them new in the box for adopters to purchase at the price we paid. That way you don't have to wait for a shipment or search all over locally to find one!

These cages come unassembled, and can go home in the original box or we can assemble them for you.
Sorry, but we are unable to ship cages. If you would like to purchase online, they can be found on,, and now
Cages can be purchased at Care Day or by appointment.

Don't forget, no matter what size cage or habitat, a rabbit should have daily exercise in a rabbit-safe area.

Prevue Tubby "Jumbo"

Length: 47"
Width: 23"
Height: 22"

Colors: blue/white

Price: $120

This cage has the most square feet of any "store-bought" cage that we have found. It has a large top opening and front opening as well, great for lifting your rabbit out or cleaning and feeding. The base is also the very deep, which helps keep hay and bedding inside the cage. The top comes off quickly and easily for cleaning, and its extra height allows more room to add larger hideaways and still have enough clearance for your rabbit to hop on top of it for a lookout. This cage unfolds and assembles quickly and easily in minutes, no tools required!

**We have 3 available as of March 18th, 2013**