Baton Rouge, LA

Care Days

Care Days are designated times when the volunteers and friends of Magic Happens get together and take care of the adoptable bunnies that stay in the Bungalow at our director's home. This often includes:
Letting the rabbits have some fresh air and supervised playtime.
Cleaning all of the cages, litterboxes, bowls, and toys.
Grooming the rabbits - brushing out excess fur, doing nail trims, occasional scent gland cleaning and the rare bunny butt bath.
Socializing with the bunnies (and each other!) to figure out temperaments and help the buns become more people-friendly.
Visiting with families who come to meet the adoptables to pick out a new family member, or who are turning in a bunny.

We love watching the bunnies do "binkies" or happy dances when they get to frolic in the playpens - check out the video!

The rabbits go outside in the playpens to play as well as get groomed and socialized.

Inside the Bungalow, volunteers clean out the condos and wash food bowls.

Sometimes we have scouts or clubs come to help. The more the merrier! It's a great way to earn service hours too.

Sometimes the rabbits are very social. Other times they aren't at first, but eventually come to like the attention.

We often have buns come for "speed dates," and sometimes use the wagon for bonding.

Even though the work may be dirty or furry, we have a great time!

Volunteering at a Care Day can be a fun way to earn service hours for scouts or school. Care Day is held outdoors, so come dressed for the weather and to possibly get dirty, and definitely hairy! :)
If you'd like to come to a Care Day, please let us know! We'll give you directions and see you there. We regrettably do not post the address online as rabbits have been dumped on the doorstep more than once.
225-341-2866 (voicemail only) or