Baton Rouge, LA

Magic Happens Community Outreach

Meeting bunnies and petting? What could be better?

~ Services ~

MHRR offers small services to the rabbit owners in our area. We can do nail trims for your bunny, or show you how to do it on your own. Dark nails? No problem. We'll show you the tricks to keep it safe and what to do in case of a struggle.

We also offer boarding and bun-sitting in the Baton Rouge and surrounding areas.

Already own a bun that's not yet spayed or neutered? We also offer spay/neuter assistance.

If you don't have a bunny yet, want to learn more about bunny care, or just want to play with lots of cute cuddly bunnies, come to one of our Care Days to visit with the rabbits, learn how to do a physical exam and nail trim, or help clean and socialize the adoptables. Not sure what supplies to buy? We use a variety of products - different types of food bowls, bedding, cages, etc., and can show you the difference on many of them and the benefits of each.

MHRR's website has lots of rabbit care information - everything from types of bunny toys to how to litterbox train your rabbit. We gladly answer any bunny care or health questions - just e-mail us!

Scouts love to learn about animals, and we can tailor to any age group

~ Presentations & Visits ~

*There is no charge for us to go to your event or meeting. If you would like to offer a donation it is greatly appreciated but not required.*

MHRR can host a booth at all different types of events, such as church, school, or scout fairs, craft shows, and more. At our booth we can offer many services, with the main attraction being bunny-petting! We will bring our exercise pens for the rabbits to run and play, and children are allowed (supervised!) to come in and pet the bunnies. We also bring educational items such as bunny care items (types of food, toys, a giant matt of hair, etc.) and care information handouts. If allowed, we will gladly do a fundraiser as well, such as pictures with the rabbits or facepainting.

MHRR also makes classroom, daycare, camp or scout meeting visits. We bring a couple of our rabbits to demonstrate rabbit care and talk all about rabbits, which can include up-close views of herbivore teeth and hands-on feeling of different types of rabbit fur. We also tie this in to pet responsibility (spay/neuter, don't release pets into the wild) and pet ownership (what is involved in keeping a pet rabbit?). For scouts, we will gladly go over badgework requirements with you ahead of time so that we can tailor the presentation to your goals.

Every age group loves a visit from a bunny, from elementary to high school!

Please contact us if you would like us to be at your next event or group meeting!

225-341-BUNNY or

We love participating in any event with our bunnies, from costume contests to horseback riding! (Halo did NOT go for a ride, but simply stood briefly for a photo)