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Rabbit Care & Information

MHRR's Ultimate Care Sheet
Outlined information on all the basics of rabbit care.

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Bunny Proofing Your Home - A great guide on keeping your rabbit and your stuff safe!

Litter-box training - A VERY useful guide!

Litter-box training encore - more tips & tricks from HRS.

Sexing your rabbit - a helpful guide to determining your bunny's gender. Remember - rabbits up to 2 months can be difficult!

Sexing an adult rabbit - This site has actual images of rabbit genitalia, zoomed in to help you see what it will actually look like.

Rabbits & Allergies

Bunny Toys - Bought at the pet store or elsewhere, hand-made or household items... no matter where you get it, these suggested toys can be lots of fun for your bun!

Bunny Butt Bath - for bunz with troubles south of the border.

Trancing Rabbits - A scientific paper on what it is and why it should be used sparingly.

Indoor & outdoor hazards for rabbits

Cooling tips (with pictures!) for hot weather from Binky Bunny

Holiday hazards for rabbits

When Fido Met Thumper - introducing dogs and rabbits.

Rabbit Emergency Preparedness - a checklist and information on hurricane or other emergency preparations.

Evacuation Planning with a Bunny by a New Orleans native who has evacuated with her rabbit and dog more than once.

Travelling with a Bunny - whether it's a move, vacation, or evacuation, here's how to make the trip better for both of you.

Unexpected Litter!? - what to do when your bun delivers unexpected babies.

Ultimate rabbit care link page

How to litterbox train your rabbit.

How to make a Bunny Burrito for nail trims, giving medicine, etc. (turn your volume up).


Cage ideas - explains and pictures all types of cages, from hutch to storebought to creating your own with storage cubes.

More Habitat Ideas - See how other rabbit families have their rabbits' living in luxury!

Living in an ex-pen - One of the many cool ways a bunny can hang out in comfort.

"C&C" or "shelving grid" habitats - these habitats are great because you can make them any size & shape to fit any room, and you can add to or change them at any time. You can even make an portable and collapsible exercise pen with them!
How to construct a grid habitat. This website also offers great condo-building supplies for guinea pigs.
Mopsy's bunny condo design (also see video below for another design with different materials)
What supplies to buy & where
Buy online at Bed Bath & Beyond, Wal-mart or Target.

How to build a bunny condo (one of many ways!)


Louisiana Rabbit Vets - Baton Rouge & beyond

Common Health Issues - a list of symptoms to watch for

Bunny First Aid Kit - supplies to keep on hand in case of illness or injury.

Intermittent soft stools - If you occasionally see smooshed stool in your rabbits cage or litterbox, this article is very informative!

G.I. Stasis - when your bunny stops eating

e. cuniculi - all about this common cause of head tilt, paralysis, and other health issues.

Runny Eyes in Rabbits - Simple or complicated, physical or infectious, there are lots of reasons this can happen.

Herbs for Bunnies - Natural Remedies - A great site with lots of "natural" remedies for rabbits for everything from fleas to weepy eyes. Includes links for other animals and people too!

Spaying & Neutering - why spay & neuter?

Ultimate rabbit health link page

Video on how to know if your bunny is sick plus other cool videos.

Feeding Fruits & Vegetables - a comprehensive guide to feeding an adequate variety of safe greens by the House Rabbit Society.

Is it time? - This survey helps pet owners determine quality of life if facing hospice care or euthanasia.


Bunny Behavior Guide - a quick (printable) basic guide with photos to clue you in to your rabbit's body language.

The Language of Lagomorphs - A collection of articles explaining rabbit behavior including hierarchy, playtime, and inter-species relationships.

Pet loss support for your rabbit - FAQs when your rabbit loses its bunny friend.

Clicker-train your rabbit - you know your rabbit is smart, but check out these athletes!


Approaching an Aggressive Bunny - a fantastic video on how to approach and read a rabbit's reaction.

FAQs on Aggressive Rabbits - answers to most types of aggressive behavior problems.

Who wants a mean rabbit? - An article explaining the benefits of sharing your home with a feisty bunny


How To Build Trust & Tame A Rabbit some insight on how to handle a new or unusually shy bunny.

Winning Over A Shy Bunny - earn a shy bun's trust with these baby steps.


Finding a friend for your rabbit - Things to consider, plus some tips & tricks on introductions. Also see video below.

Bonding Blog Posts with several great methods and what not to do (though you think you are helping).

Bunny Dates - how to bond rabbits (turn your volume up).


The BinkyBunny Store - we earn a commission on all new customers if you click here through our link! This site sells hay, feed, toys, books, and more. - a great and reputable company offering a variety of quality products (for rabbits/small animals and more) and even health care tips. Also $5.99 flat shipping, no matter what you order, even 50lb bales of hay! - an awesome haybox and more items to come.

Pets & People - a company specializing in the grids and flooring needed to build a great bunny condo!

Leith Petwerks - a variety of bunny products including an awesome habitat. - a good company to get ex-pens from (cheaper than most pet stores even after shipping!). Also try for cages and toys.


House Rabbit Society - a GREAT place on rabbit care, behavior, with lists acceptable treats and more. - a helpful new resource on everything house bunny!

Hot Topics- by about how to care for your bunny. Includes everything from bunnies as classroom pets to how to keep your rabbit safe during the Christmas holidays (live trees are OK!).

Welcome to the bunny version of Mythbusters, where we separate bunny truth from urban legend. In this episode, we'll explore everything from wire cages to litterbox training. Click to view the transcript of our
Mythbusters - Rabbit Edition!


Must-reads for every rabbit owner:
Rabbits For Dummies and
The first is a great go-to resource book for any questions you may have, and the second is a very condensed version, a very good read if you're thinking of bringing home your first bunny!
Rabbit Health in the 21st Century by Kathy Smith
This book might not look so fancy, but it has a great deal of compiled information on rabbit health.
House Rabbit Handbook - How to live with an Urban Rabbit by Marinell Harriman
Excellent book for basic & advanced readers. Overall very well written and extremely informative.
Rabbit Health, Husbandry & Diseases by Virginia Richardson
Overview of rabbit husbandry, nutritional requirements. Clinical examination describes various diseases, their diagnosis & treatment. Behavior, anesthesia, surgery & zoonotic aspects. A definite must have for every rabbit owner.

Other very good choices:
The Relaxed Rabbit � Massage for your pet bunny by Chandra Mira Beal, RMT & Maia:
Through dozens of photos and illustrations you�ll learn: How to massage your rabbit from nose to toes - Basic anatomy & physiology - How to address specific health & behavior issues. Wonderful book for rabbit owners who love to do something good for their pet bun themselves, specially for rabbits with handicaps.
Textbook of Rabbit Medicine by Frances Harcourt � Brown
Comprehensive, in-depth coverage of the health of the domestic rabbit � detailed and explicit line artwork provides clear understanding of physiological processes � A practical evidence-based resource for the effective treatment of rabbits, especially those in critical condition. A little pricey, but worth every penny for serious rabbit owners.

Other choices to read just for fun, to refresh the mind and for the cute photos we all love:
The Simple Guide to Rabbits by Bobby Land
The Essential Rabbit by Betsy Sikora Sino
Rabbit Handbook by David Taylor
The Rabbit Handbook by Karen Gendron
Rabbits Complete Care made Easy by Virginia Parker Guidry
Hop to it by Samantha Hunter
Rabbits by Monika Wegler (Barron�s)

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