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Ongoing Fundraisers

MHRR gear & online stores

MHRR's online shop
Here we have holiday-themed items, toys and treats that we make or put together, MHRR tshirts, as well as other items that people have given to us, made for us, or donated to us. You never know what will end up in the shop! All these items are at our foster homes.

MHRR's Zazzle store
Get cool MHRR gear - our logo and photos of adoptables can be found on everything from t-shirts to laptop cases. All items are high quality, and prices go down with multiple purchases of the same item.

MHRR's Cafepress store
More MHRR gear - our logo and photos of adoptables can be found on lots of cool items. These are a little cheaper, and sometimes photo items are lesser quality than the Zazzle store.

Adopt Don't Shop!
Check this awesome design out over at ResQ Threads. Browse all their designs, and of course choose Magic Happens as the rescue beneficiary!
Want more animal apparel?
Head over to Animal Hearted (use MHRR's unique link) and MHRR's buns will get a portion of your purchase. There is a rabbit design, as well as a number of generic pet lover designs.

Donation Drives

Give the Gift of a Donation

If you would like to donate in someone's memory or honor or as a gift to someone, we are happy to send this card to you or the recipient of your gift. Just contact us directly so that we can know who and where to send the card.


Only $25 for boys and $35 for girls!
Visit our Sponsor-A-Snip page for more information.

FREE Fundraisers

Magic Happens Rabbit Rescue

Cell Phone, Ink Cartridge, and Electronics Recycling

What an easy and GREAT fundraiser! We'll recycle your old cell phones, empty ink jet printer cartridges, used DVDs or video games, or electronics duch as digital cameras, laptops, or mp3 players, working or not. Each item gets us CASH with a recycling group called Ecophones. This fundraiser typically brings in about $100-150 each year.

We have a collection bin at Azalea Lakes Vet Clinic (15225 Jefferson Hwy Baton Rouge LA 70816), or they can be dropped off at any adoption day or event.

Fundraisers by our volunteers

36 Paw Place features jewelry, wreaths, and other handmade items. All rabbit-related items give 36% to MHRR, no code or mention needed. Hop on over and visit the Facebook page to see the newest items, or the online store to start shopping.

Check out Beads for Bunnies for jewelry by volunteer Lisa. 10% of all sales go to MHRR.
Beads for Bunnies

To find more Etsy shops that support MHRR, check out Team MHRR.

Explore the art of
MHRR volunteer
Brandi Marie Little.
Brandi paints custom
pet portraits, and
5% of bunny portraits
goes to MHRR.