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Fun Stuff


MHRR Twitter page - "follow" us on Twitter and get the most up-to-date tidbits about the rescue!

MHRR on Facebook - "Like" us and get daily updates and pictures, and find out about upcoming evens, special needs, and more.


Bunny Toys - Bought at the pet store or elsewhere, hand-made or household items... no matter where you get it, MHRR's suggested toys can be lots of fun for your bun! - teach your rabbit cool tricks with clicker-training!

Rabbit Hopping - brand new in the USA, here is the original Rabbit Hopping organization's website. Check out those photos! (be sure to click the "Rabbit Hopping" link on the left-hand side)

Cage ideas - Upgrade your bun's palace! This site explains and pictures all types of cages, from hutch to storebought to creating your own with storage cubes!

Build an indoor bunny condo - Neat Idea Cubes or similar build-it-yourself shelf materials are available at Target, Linens & Things, and other stores. These cages are great because you can make them any size & shape to fit any room, and you can add to or change them at any time!


Magic Happens' Cafepress Store - T-shirts, calendars, and more featuring the rabbits of MHRR! All profits go to the adoptables! - a good company to get ex-pens from (cheaper than most pet stores even after shipping!). Also try for cages and toys.

Drs. Fosters Smith - a very knowledgeable company offering a good variety of quality products.

Busy Bunny - cool stuff for rabbits & rabbit lovers!

Ultimate rabbit shopping link page


Rabbit Breeds - by the American Rabbit Breeder's Association


Disapproving Rabbits - the photo list has turned into a blog! See resident bunz Angel on page 7 and Lil Bit on page 8, and adoptable bun Ivory on the blog (date Sept 8th 2007)

MHRR Coloring Book

Origami Rabbit - how to make a running rabbit out of paper

What kind of bunny are you?
Take this quiz (as your bunny) to find out what type of furry friend your rabbit is!

Bunny Breeds Wordsearch
Can you find all 15 breeds of rabbits?

Bunny Picture Puzzle
Choose your cut style and # of pieces, then put together pictures of our adoptables!

Bunny Jokes
Tickle your funny bunny bone when you read these laugh lines.

Rabbit chases a snake

"Skippy Ala King" - a REAL bunny stand-up comedian!

State Farm Insurance commercial

Nextel's NASCAR commercial "Magic"


Blockbuster (all of them in a row)

Traveler's Insurance

New York lottery