Magic Happens Rabbit Rescue - How To Help

Baton Rouge, LA

How To Help

Whether you are 20 or 200 miles away, YOU can help the adoptable rabbits at Magic Happens!

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Sponsor an adoptable rabbit's spay or neuter, recycle ink cartridges, and browse our Cafepress store... plus more!

Amazon wishlist

Browse our Amazon wishlist and donate an item or two. While we accept food donations, we don't ask for them regularly as we are able to purchase hay & foods in bulk directly from Oxbow through their Rescue Rewards program for a much cheaper rate than it can be purchased locally or online to the public, so we'd rather see your donations go further!


Whether temporary or until a rabbit gets a home, fostering helps in MANY ways. It helps socialize a rabbit and help him become friendlier (especially nervous bunnies who need an experienced rabbit person to figure them out!), as well as learn his likes & dislikes for his new family. It helps ease the burden at the main foster house, and the bunny can enjoy more one-on-one time and exercise! Not to mention fostered bunnies get adopted quickly for other reasons - foster families sometimes end up adopting or have friends & family who fall in love while visiting!

Become a Volunteer

Join us in our Care Days, transporting rabbits, working events, and much more! There are lots of opportunities and ways to help. Sign up to be a volunteer to get on our event and help e-mail list.

Spread the Word

Print and distribute our brochure at stores and other places where people can see that there is a need for bunny adoptions! Such places include pet stores (Petsmart & Petco), feed stores, Wal-mart (dog & cat section bulletin board), church, school, or scout meetings. No need to contact us, just print & pass out as you're able!