Baton Rouge, LA

Honeybadger's letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

I've been so blessed to have been born and gotten to stay at a such a magical place. Our rescue adopted out it's 700th pet this year, finally got our 501(c)3 tax exemption status, and met so many new friends and fans! I've seen over 100 buns come and go this past year - a lot of heartache with neglected buns and some that were scared to be in a new place, but I've also seen a whole lotta love from volunteers being so kind and gentle to those trembling bunnies, people that leave their families on their weekends to come help, and some even travel 100 miles or more each time they come clean cages or support our group at events! And my favorite, when a rabbit gets a new family and everybody is so happy. That's why I'm glad to be a part of Magic Happens... where magic really does happen!

I feel kinda guilty making my own list of wants, so I'm making one for all the adoptable bunnies that don't have a mama to spoil them like I do. Will you please make their Christmas extra special? Here are some things that I like... I mean THEY like... OK, we all like!

* fresh veggies or fruits

* Wal-mart or Target gift cards (for fresh veggies when we can't get our favorites at the produce stand, as well as supplies for adoption day)

* hanging chew toys and straw or wicker toys - we loooove ones that we can chew!

* plastic baby keys or slinkies - they are so much fun to toss around

* small 1-story cat condos - great for hiding and lookouts!

* Yesterday's News or Exquisicat unscented paper litter - this is sooo nice for the foster homes!

* spays and neuters sponsored at our vet clinic - please call Azalea Lakes at 225-755-3838 and tell the nice ladies who answer the phone that you wanna help out the bunny rescue. You can call in any amount - every bit helps! Or you can mail a check, made payable to Azalea Lakes Vet, and put Magic Happens on the memo line.

* foster homes - if you can find some angels who have room in their house for an extra bunny, can you tell them to look at the foster FAQ page on our website? It's at

* a new home for everybun!!!!

There's some other cool stuff on our Amazon wishlist. We'll also have a wishlist for Petsmart items at our adoption days if you want to send any elves!

Thank you Santa for reading our really long list!


Your most favorite and cutest bunny ever,

Honey Badger Bunny

P.S. If you're too busy to deliver to all our foster homes on Christmas Eve, we understand! You can also leave things for us or mail them to our vet clinic:
Azalea Lakes Vet Clinic
c/o Magic Happens Rabbit Rescue
15225 Jefferson Hwy
Baton Rouge, LA 70817.

Donations can also be sent via paypal