Baton Rouge, LA

Memorial Page

This page is dedicated to those very special rabbits who were "residents" at MHRR and have earned their wings.

Our Angel Bunnies

Hotot mix male

Magic the bunny is our namesake for many reasons. I bought him at a petstore to be a friend to my very first bunny girl. The pet store clerk told me Magic was a girl... but a few months later, some baby bunnies "magically" appeared! Though Magic was a good daddy, having unexpected baby bunnies on hand provoked me to do some more research on pet rabbits. Boy, did I learn a lot! From the fact that the babies really didn't need any help from me, to how to care for them when their nest got destroyed, it was all an adventure. When I'd bring the babies and parents inside to let them roam the hallway and get used to the human way of life, I was introduced into the wonderful world of binkies and bunny 500's. The first bun was not a "social butterfly" and did not choose to hang around me, whereas Magic enjoyed sniffing me over and teaching me the ways through trial and error of what bunnies do and don't like when it comes to being handled. :) For that alone, he truly was and is an angel!

Checkered Giant female

Gumbo was originally purchased by a family in New Orleans who was told she was a dwarf baby bunny. Though most people don't understand that a "dwarf" can mean up to 4lb, this girl was one of those who was truly "mislabeled" and grew to be 11lbs! The family kept her in the dwarf-sized cage for the next 3 years, and after they got tired of dealing with her, they dropped her off at a vet. The vet's staff felt sorry for her and took her in. They kept her there, gave her a MUCH larger cage, but her territorial issues were so deeply ingrained, that it was a fight just to feed her. Eventually the staff became full with many other rescues, so Gumbo came to MHRR with the name of "Lucy"... I'm assuming which was short for "Lucifer!" Here she was given the the 5x7' pen and little human interaction to start. Her territorial ways began dwindling with so much room & quiet compared to the busy vet office. Over the years she learned that people were not to be feared, but had treats, food, and petting, and that it was something to enjoy! She improved so much that she began coming to events, being a great example of "research-before-you-buy!" and what can happen with time, patience, and a lot of love. Though we'd like to say we changed her, I know she also changed us. She taught us about respecting a rabbit's personal space, how to correctly pet a bunny, and to truly respect animals. She also taught us size doesn't matter... especially when you chase a dog that's twice your size!
blue-eyed white Netherland Dwarf female

Angel was brought to MHRR by a concerned neighbor. The original owner had skipped town and left Angel and 3 other boys to starve. When the neighbor saw their plight, she contacted us immediately. The boys were filthy - urine burns all over their feet and stricken with coccidia, but somehow Angel was very clean and her beautiful blue eyes gleamed. After I'd brought them home and Topher held onto Angel while I cleaned up the boys, he asked "If I kept a bunny of my own, could I keep it here?" Of course I said yes, but there was something special about the blue-eyed Angel curled up in his lap. Angel was quickly spayed, and became a resident. She went everywhere - the BREC Bluebonnet Swamp, every fundraiser photo shoot, and even a Pampered Chef party at a grocery store. She charmed MANY people, and none of us will ever forget her patience, charisma, and those beautiful blue eyes.

Mini-Rex female

Jewel's offspring were brought to MHRR back in 2005, then Jewel & her remaining daughter were brought to Magic Happens in the fall of 2006 when their family moved. While her offspring were up for adoption, Jewel went with the other residents to a Fall Fest where she posed with children for a photo shoot. She did quite well with the commotion, and Angel had just passed away, so Topher decided to keep her as "his" resident bunny. Jewel went to many more events - she was a ghost at Petsmart's costume contest, and she taught over a hundred kids how to hold a bunny at the LSU Vet School Open House. Jewel passed away in the fall of 2007 of unknown causes, and will be sorely missed.
Rex mix male

Dakota was given to MHRR along with all of his littermates and his standard Rex dad - 8 rabbits at once! "D" enjoyed roaming the yard at the old place and being the alpha rabbit, breaking up fights, investigating new rabbits, and keep his harem of girls in check. He hated cages, and despite his yard-roaming privileges, he never became wild, but rather friendlier. He was sometimes called "Monkey" because he'd climb your leg for a banana. :) In June 2008 he became sick with pneumonia. We tried several treatments of various antibiotics, and although he was happy and eating and playing fine, he never got rid of the sniffles. Finally in January 2009, Dakota lost his battle. He went peacefully and happy until the end. We love you D.

Lil Bit
Harlequin mix female

Lil Bit was one of many rabbits picked up at the LSU Ag Center temporary animal shelter after Hurricane Katrina in 2005 - she and her whole family were left behind in New Orleans and were found by Wildlife & Fisheries as they searched each house looking for pets. When the temporary shelter was closing, we were asked to pick up the remaining rabbits, including a mom who had just had several baby buns, and this teenager bun looked just like the mama, so we named her Lil Bit. Bit wasn't scared of anything, and after enduring a crazy childhood of a disastrous storm and flood, rescue and transport, then life at a busy shelter, we figured classrooms and educational presentations would be a breeze! She greeted many visitors at the LSU Vet School Open House, campers at the BREC Bluebonnet Swamp, and visited Santa Paws for many years. In June 2012, right around her 7th birthday, Lil Bit passed away with her beloved Mango by her side to unknown causes.

English Lop male

Bentley was a pet owned by a breeder and turned in to Bunny Buddies of Houston, TX, to be placed up for adoption. Bentley had a multitude of health issues - chronic ear infections, cataracts in both eyes, heart probems & sore hocks, as well as a hard time keeping on weight - so he had a hard time finding a home. In May 2012 he was transferred to MHRR where all the volunteers fell in love with him! He was a very mellow guy and did great with so much attention, even as a senior bunny. Those super long ears (just shy of a foot long!) were definitely an attention-grabber at events! Sadly he passed away only a few months later despite extensive testing and veterinary visits due to a tumor on his intestines. We only knew him for a short time, but he was very well loved.

May the guardians of heaven watch over you until we are there to greet you again!