Baton Rouge, LA

Resident Rabbits

"Resident Rabbits" are very special rabbits - these guys and girls were given to MHRR to be adoptable but have been "adopted" by the rescue to be advocates for rabbits everywhere. These ambassador bunnies travel to events and classrooms to teach others about rabbits. To qualify, a rabbit must remain calm under most conditions, including around dogs and boisterous children (and adults!), tolerate being held for longer periods of time than most, handle car rides well, and get along with other resident bunnies. For those who know rabbits - it can be quite difficult to find all of these qualities in a single bun!

Honeybadger - Californian mix male
Born: Nov 3, 2011
Came to MHRR: born here

"HB" was born to a Californian girl from the pound, just days after arriving at MHRR. The MHRR crew joked that if LSU won their big game against Alabama that we would name the litter after the football players, and sure enough they did. When the babies were about 3 weeks old, the mom and little ones began quickly fading and we lost them all, except little Honeybadger. He was the toughest, and just didn't care about the things a baby should - not having his mom and friends, being held, cats or dogs, etc. Even being in a cage up high, he would try to jump out of the cage at people as they walked by! We knew this guy was definitely different. Despite tough odds, Honeybadger pulled through. Lots of MHRR fans followed his progress and still keep up with his travels and antics on Honeybadger's Facebook page. At his very first outing (visiting Santa Paws at Petsmart) he was greeted with "Look, it's Honeybadger!" when he arrived! He is definitely our most popular and outgoing resident rabbit, as he often gets recognized when he goes to events, and even gets specifically requested by some groups!

Halo - Lionhead female
Born: May 2006
Came to MHRR: July 2006

Halo was surrendered to MHRR with her 4 littermates from a family that was told they had purchased 2 girl lionheads at Eastertime. Whoops! Like her siblings, she was people friendly, mellow, and got along with other rabbits from a young age. Because she had these qualities and was so small and cute with her classic lionhead mane, we opted to keep her for events. She has been bonded to her husbun Alfred since 2009. She is incredibly mellow and calm, and will sit in a basket for hours at events! Due to age she & Alfred are "semi-retired" and now only go out to smaller, quieter events.
Check out our Facebook album Halo's Adventures to see all the things she has done while being a bunny ambassador at MHRR!

Alfred - Jersey Wooley male
Born: ???
Came to MHRR: Jan 19th, 2007

Alfred was found wandering an air force base in Shreveport, LA, and found by a bunny-owner that was stationed there. He was going to be adopted by one of our volunteers but was kept at MHRR for a while, and while here, he was brought to a few events. He charmed the crowds and did great with the noise, so he was granted resident status! Alfred is now bonded with Halo, and they have been a "couple" since 2009. Alfred is very tolerant and laid back, but more inquisitive and outgoing than Halo. During Easter portraits he often stands up and sniffs kids nose-to-nose to the delight of everyone! Due to age he & Halo are "semi-retired" and now only go out to smaller, quieter events.

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