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Sponsor a Snip or Spay

All rabbits are spayed or neutered prior to adoption. Sponsoring a spay or neuter helps adopting families by keeping adoption fees low, and it helps the rescue by increasing adoptions as well! By keeping adoption fees low, it also makes it more attractive for new bunny owners to adopt a mature spayed/neutered rabbit rather than buying a baby and possibly not getting it altered later, or worse, surrendering it after puberty.

We are ecstatic when spays or neuters are sponsored! We would love to thank you by mentioning the sponsorship on our Facebook page as well as noting the sponsorship on the particular rabbit's adoption profile. If you see a particular rabbit that you would like to sponsor, just let us know! You may browse the adoptable rabbits on our website or see the newest ones before they're listed in our Newest Adoptables Facebook photo album. If you aren't sure which one you'd like to sponsor, we'll be happy to use it towards the next unaltered rabbit and let you know which rabbit benefitted from your sponsorship.

Sponsor A Snip or Spay

You can also call the vet directly and pay with a card by phone, or you can mail a check directly to our primary vet at
Azalea Lakes Veterinary Clinic
15225 Jefferson Hwy
Baton Rouge, LA 70817
(225) 755-3838

Please write "Magic Happens Rabbit Rescue" on your check!

Benefits of having an altered rabbit include:

* Altered rabbits are generally more calm, not bothered by hormones as much, and tend to be gentle and more affectionate. Girls don't have "mood swings" and both boys & girls aren't as tempted to spray, chew, and mark areas with feces or urine. It also decreases territorial issues such as biting and grunting... it even helps with litterbox training too! With all of these behaviors reduced, it makes the rabbit much more desirable to an adopting family, and greatly reduces the chance of it being given back for behavioral reasons!

* If you only house one bunny, reproduction may not be of concern, but if you ever consider adopting another friend for your little bun, this will not be an issue! In February of 2007, we went back and looked at our numbers... we had received 39 rabbits because of "accidental breeding" - and at the time, we had fewer than that many rabbits available. Had all parents been spayed and neutered, there would be NO rabbits needing homes at that time!

* Finding a rabbit that is already spayed or neutered through us helps to ensure that the surgery was done by a rabbit-savvy veterinarian and the rabbit was kept under knowledgeable and watchful eyes at a volunteer's home during recovery. It also alleviates the stress and worry of a beginner-bunny family going through an unknown surgery.

* The numbers vary, but studies show that female reproductive organs commonly develop cancers. Well before a rabbit becomes a senior, about 80% of intact female rabbits will have cysts and tumors that can and likely will lead to cancer... a simple surgery with multiple benefits can prevent this! Read more about that statistic here.

* Other problems associated with intact females include pyometra (pus or infection in the uterus) and pseudopregnancy (false pregnancy where a female makes nests and thinks she is pregnant). Pyometra is often difficult to detect until it is too late as there are no outward symptoms, and is often deadly. A spay is the only way to prevent as well as quickly treat it (if still a candidate for surgery).