Baton Rouge, LA

Surrendering a Bunny

MHRR unfortunately has to keep a waiting list as our rabbit foster homes stay full. If you have an emergency need to surrender, please let us know also. Please read about other options that are available while you wait by clicking the waiting list link. If you have another type of pet such as a guinea pig, please contact us first as we may or may not have a spot open.

While it may difficult for you or those in your household, sometimes finding another suitable home for your bunny can be the best option for both your family as well as the bunny's well-being. Feel free to read more about MHRR and some of our feedback on the About MHRR page.

If you find that your schedule or other activities are interfering with the bunny's best interests, you can surrender him or her to the rescue and he/she can be kept in an approved foster home with one of our volunteers. You can print out our Custody Transfer Form and bring it with you or fill it out online in advance. We will find out which volunteer is closest to you and have them contact you to schedule a pick-up or drop-off time, or you can drop them off at our vet clinic once approved. If you are sending a cage with the rabbit, please let us know as well so we can make sure the volunteer has enough room in their home or vehicle to transport or house it properly. Previous owners are always welcome to call or email to check up on their bunny.

Magic Happens does NOT charge surrender fees like some rescues. However, you may consider sponsoring its snip (if it is not yet spayed or neutered) by donating the amount needed for its surgery. Visit our Sponsor-A-Snip page for more information.

It is illegal in East Baton Rouge Parish and much of the US as pet rabbits are domestic animals, not wild animals (they have been bred to have different body types and lost some of their natural instincts). Besides legal issues, you can read more reasons why here.

If you are surrendering your rabbit due to moving, read this article by the HRS on getting your landlord to say YES to rabbits.

If you are surrendering your rabbit due to allergies, please read our page on Rabbits & Allergies first.