Baton Rouge, LA


If you are new to rabbit-keeping and aren't sure if you're ready for a long-term adoption commitment, or perhaps you would like to adopt a bunny friend for your current rabbit? Either way, foster-to-adopt is the way to go. It gives you a “trial run” with guidance from the group.

1. Fill out a foster-to-adopt application - you can download it and email it in or bring to an adoption event, or fill it out online. If you need to borrow a cage and supplies for temporary housing, please let us know when you submit the application. We don't regularly bring cages & supplies to adoption days, but will if we are expecting your needs.
2. If you are looking to pair your rabbit with one of our adoptables, we recommend doing some “speed dates.” Not only does meeting on a neutral ground give us an idea of how the bonding process may go, but if there is immediate fighting on neutral ground, adoption as a bonded mate is unlikely.
3. We will hold a check or cash for the amount of the adoption fee until we either hear from you that you would definitely like to adopt, or if the rabbit is returned we will return your check or cash to you. If you borrowed a cage and supplies, they will need to be returned if you decide to adopt the rabbit. If you would like to purchase the cage and supplies, let us know as some cages can be sold.
4. You MUST give us an update once a week to let us know how things are going and your intended plans. We encourage you to call or email us with questions at any time.
5. While there is no set time frame, we would appreciate having a yes or no answer within a month.

A Care Day is the best time to bring a rabbit for a speed date or pick up a bunny that needs a cage and supplies to go home. Care Days are held every other Sunday (dates posted on the homepage), and are held at the Director’s home. If you are looking for a friend for your bunny, you will have the most to pick from at this time. If you cannot make it to a Care Day, we can sometimes make appointments during other times, depending on your location and the volunteer closest to you. If you are looking for a specific rabbit, please make sure we know in advance, as our fosters are spread throughout the state.